Journal #02

This week, I got to understand how the company runs. It’s pretty modern, as in, they communicate and collaborate mostly remotely. We mostly hold meetings online through Google Hangouts and use group chat for sharing pictures and videos. So, even though my hours are open ended, I’m kinda always on call. It’s a little stressful feeling like I have to always be alert, but it’s also relieving since it will allow me to balance this internship with my classes come next week.

They said this week they wanted me to make some random household props and items so they can give me feedback on the style. The work wasn’t too exciting. Kind of repetitive and tedious to be quite honest. However, I do have a better sense of how they want me to have things look. So, I guess although it was irritating to make like a mug and other things 8 times over, it was a good exercise. If I had to summarize it, they’re going for a very exaggerated style with really heavy tapering. The final mug they were happy with look like it had a girdle on, haha.