Journal #01

Hey guys, this is Jacob! I started my internship a little less than a month before the class began, so my first two entries are from then.

I’m interning for POMA Productions, who I basically learned about through a friend of a friend. They’re a small time start up company with a Youtube channel for animated 3d shorts. It’s my career goal to be a 3D modeler and from personal experience, it’s hard to find work for my career choice in NYC. I’m really happy that when it came time to take the internship class, I was actually able to find a place where I can actually focus on my career goals. Sure, the company is small, but this is already a much bigger opportunity than I was expecting to be able to have.

So far, the company has only done parody animations using 3D models from already existing works like video games and the such. They want to branch out and make original shorts, but they’re really lacking in the modeling department. They only have one modeler besides me so far. So, that’s where I come in.

The interview went really smoothly. My work was already passed onto them and they liked what they saw. They said they really enjoyed my “clean” and cartoony style and that I had a good sense of design. I was a bit nervous when I first went in, but they were so friendly and casual I felt very relaxed and welcomed by the end.

After the interview, Mike said he was really happy to have me on board and asked if I wanted to stick around for the discussion of the companies next project. I was surprised they wanted me for artistic consulting, but I guess they really did appreciate my work.

I got to meet everyone and then we discussed ideas for this series they’re working on about a cute little robot character. He’s supposed to be a child like AI that ran away from the factory and needs to learn about life on his own. It’s honestly adorable. At first during the meeting I was talking about how to take their ideas and how I can make models for them quickly and easily. I was really focusing on time saving because I got a tad nervous again and could only think about “time is money.” However, they started asking me for feedback on story elements and if I had any ideas to contribute. I loosened up and focused more on story and they really liked some of my ideas. I’m really looking forward to seeing what comes next.