I wanted the line “I never asked for this.” to have a sort of melancholic interpolation. Its the phrase we find ourselves repeating in our head daily, when faced with the hurdles of everyday life. How did I get here? Why did my life turn out this way? Where do I go from here?

Concept 1

Here I’m showing¬†Adam Jenson, the speaker of the line. in a sorta bluesy depiction. I posterized the image, applied a cardboard cutout filter, redrew the smoke trails, and removed the background. Then I played around a bit with the image levels, and shifted the hue around. After a day of bashing heads and shooting terrorists, he enters a state of malaise; reflecting on what his life has become.

Concept 2

Here, I’m someone being awoken forcibly, seeing in a perspective unfamiliar to them. Here I grabbed random background for some noise and distorted the hell out of it. Then I threw some bars along the edges. I took the whole image then, threw it into a corruption generator, then added the lines over the whole new image. In sort of the same vein, I was picturing something like¬†Alex Murphy awakening for the first time in his new body, now a tool of the police force. For those of you unfamiliar with robocop, think Darth Vader rising from his medical bed after learning his wife is dead. For those of you unfamiliar with Star Wars, I pity you.

Concept 3

Finally, this last one I feel might be the most relateable. I didn’t do much, just took a paper texture, applied a coffee stain, then played with brushes to depict a sort of whiteout effect. This was meant to depict the page of a writer who, not only can not muster the energy to grab a fresh sheet of paper, he cant even finish writing.

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