These are 3 different materials/ textures that I found around my house. I may use these for a design project in order to mimic their textures on a 2d surface.

CUNY Student Perks

As a student under the CUNY system, I found that the most useful perks were the free perks. This includes access to NY Times and free access to museums and other areas you’d usually have to pay a fee to enter. But the best perk of all would be the student discounts you get from various stores and sites just for being a college student.

Frame and Scale in Composition


Frame and scale has made me see my original composition through a new lens. By using a 2x2in cut out, I was able to look for smaller compositions that I never really saw before. It’s an interesting take and I thought it was pretty cool to look at the same art through a different perspective.


Thumbnails are an integral part of the designing process. Not only does it provide a baseline for the project, but it allows you to practice different art styles and executions without completely finalizing the project. It’s always best to start a project by templating as many variations as you could in order to get a better idea of what the client/ you desire to achieve by the end of the project.

Article Analysis


After reading through and analyzing the article, this article makes me feel surprised. Although there are serious tensions between the U.S. and North Korea about nuclear warfare possibly becoming a reality, it is interesting to see propaganda posters being published in this day and age. It’s strange but I never really thought that I’d ever see these types of posters being done again. The colors are extremely vibrant and display a universal message with just the photos alone. There’s also the text which follows the illustrations that is usually “The Korean way” of handling the current situation at hand.


Hey all.

I’m Jonathan Baez and my design goal is to hopefully achieve movie-like CGI and graphic design projects by the time that I’m done with college. I’m taking the Communications Design course in hopes that I could get closer to my goal even if it’s by an inch.

There are many types of media that inspire me but my greatest inspiration is Ash Thorp’s incredible 3D design and 2D design along with Sachin Teng’s amazing 2D illustrations. Aside from these two artists, I get heavily inspired by the work on Artstation, different video game art practices, music, and general graphic design overall.

Coming from trying to work on 3D design back in 2011, I found out that the best way I work is usually spontaneously at 3 in the morning on my computer. I have a ton of ideas and plans on how to get to them already. But they take a lot of time management aside from school and other activities to dedicate to (in which, I’m hoping this course will push me to do).

As far as I know, I would love to collaborate with upcoming digital artists on both 2D and 3D designs in hopes that both parties (or more) could learn new techniques and conquer challenges along the way together.

Thank you for visiting my site and I can’t WAIT to see what everybody brings to the table!