Transparency & Layering

Transparency ~


Layering ~


These examples showcase very strong transparency and layering ideas with the first 3 being transparency and the final 3 being layering. The transparency images are strong visual examples of themselves as they introduce a background and a subject that possesses multiple color values to imitate transparency. The layering images are strong visual successors to themselves as they showcase many shapes and ideas with different opacities, colors, and spacings.

Rhythm and Movement

Rhythm –

These 3 projects are successful examples of rhythm because of the way the designs and placements have been executed. Although it may not look like it, rhythm is seen as a natural flow within art pieces. This ranges from regular posters to even patterns.


Movement –

These 3 images are successful examples of movement because they all depict a sense of motion without actually moving. Movement is just a motion but when combined with art, it is difficult to capture.


These 3 art pieces showcase successful practices of contrast by their shape, colors, and objects presented. The first image shows contrast by utilizing many objects that very different color variations from eachother. The second image shows contrast by using 3 objects where 2 of them are stacked and the final object is on its own next to the stack. The final image showcases contrast by utilizing neon colors on a black and white image.

Project 1


Finally, after completing project 1, I have learned to be much more careful with the way that I conduct and finalize future projects. I don’t have a very sturdy hand when it comes to doing physical art (as I am more used to doing things digitally) but I’m hoping that later down the line I eventually master doing art on paper as opposed to a screen. There were a ton of messy areas on the project that were done too far down the line where I couldn’t re-make the entire thing all over again. I need to take more time and precision into consideration when doing other ideas so they could come out much nicer.


These are 3 different materials/ textures that I found around my house. I may use these for a design project in order to mimic their textures on a 2d surface.

CUNY Student Perks

As a student under the CUNY system, I found that the most useful perks were the free perks. This includes access to NY Times and free access to museums and other areas you’d usually have to pay a fee to enter. But the best perk of all would be the student discounts you get from various stores and sites just for being a college student.

Frame and Scale in Composition


Frame and scale has made me see my original composition through a new lens. By using a 2x2in cut out, I was able to look for smaller compositions that I never really saw before. It’s an interesting take and I thought it was pretty cool to look at the same art through a different perspective.

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