Semester Overview

I’ve learned a ton of new information on how to achieve certain colors and experiment with contrast. These are the two most prominent ideas that I can refer to throughout the entire semester as we spent the most time with these two ideas. But overall this semester was an interesting start in the idea that is communication design.

Post about Podcast

It’s strange how barbaric people can become over simple disagreements over the internet. Although something like this could happen in person, it’s a much more chaotic scene when an opinion on something as small as this controversial image is introduced through a one-sided screen.

Project #3 Progress

I’ve learned about how different materials make shades of black and white look different.  Such as how magazine papers print out black and whites as opposed to painting them onto bristle paper.

NYC Companies




I would like to work for these companies as they are around my interests. Adorama specializes in camera and video equipment. Tumblr is a social media platform that updates with new ideas constantly. J.Crew is a clothing store that caters to both women and men on the latest trends.