Blog #7 – Dr Seuss Enterprise vs Comic Mix


Appeals Court Reviews ‘Star Trek’/Dr. Seuss Mashup

In the article “Appeals Court Reviews ‘Star Trek’/Dr. Seuss Mashup” written by Eriq Gardener.  He started off the article with a question talking about if Star Trek theme comic “Oh,the places you’ll boldly go!” was a market substitude for one of Dr. Seuss famous work from the 1990s “Oh the places you’ll go?”.  In 2016, Dr. Seuss Enterorises which they owns the intellectual property rights to Theodor Geisel’s works sued ComicMix for the crowdfunded project. Federal judge ruled Boldly was made fair use of copyrighted material. With the appeals , it brought attentions to Motion Pictures Association which is the Studio that was behind for sesame streets and along with many intellectual property law professors. This case have present two big issues. One of them was the first factor which was an test that was determine whether something is a fair use . The U.S district judge  Janis Sammartino found that “Boldly” was a highly transformative” . This mark had to be the first time the appeal court had to grappled with the genre of mashups. The second big issue that was concerning for the fourth fair use factor that is the effect of the use upon the potential market.

Dr.Seuss Vs. Comic Mix

Blog #6 Networking Event #2 (off campus)


Bria Alexander

On October 19, I was attending the Adobe Max “Sneaks with Kevin Hart”. Max Sneaks was where adobe engineers were giving us that first look at the potential future technologies which could make it in their upcoming Adobe products. Seeing that Kevin Hart was taking part in being a co-host with the main host named Bria Alexander for this networking event. I was super excited to see him, especially since I was such a huge fan of Kevin Hart. Bria was mentioning how she was feeling pretty nervous because it was her first time hosting this session. She started off by explaining Adobe Sneaks and what it was. Adobe Sneaks was their annual spotlight on their researchers and engineers as they are offering sneak peeks into their technologies. She told us that we were stepping into the Adobe Sneaks Multiverse and that we should think of this like Spiderman in the Spiderverse. She said that we are going to do a little reality check while we were traveling through the many different dimensions to check out the sneaks. She told Kevin that these aren’t just any realities and that it is a reality where you will have a completely different life. For the first multiverse, It was this 8 bits video game theme. Bria had given Kevin a little gift which was a flask that looks like a gaming cartridge to enjoy his Gran Coramino which was tequila he made. So Bria started the conversation with a question that was “How many of you in the audience have used photoshop for compositing ?” everyone in the audience responded by starting to cheer.

Bria & Kevin


She introduced Zhifei Zhang who was one of the Adobe engineers. He was introducing a project which was called  #CleverComposites. He started to show a demonstration of how this project works. He used a picture of a scenic highway along with some mountains that didn’t have any cars. So he started searching for cars which gave him few options.  However, it didn’t give him a suitable one that had the right viewpoint and style because the search engine doesn’t have an idea of what the background will be for the car. But with Clever Composites, he was able to specify the location and search for cars. Clever  Composites will analyze the background geometry and give you the right cars that can align with the road. He then copies the image he wants to use and then paste it onto the picture. He mentions how its doesn’t look realistic at all and how it’s time-consuming and tedious to make this composite looks realistic. With Clever Composites, you could make it more realistic with their Auto Compose which it could be done in just a few seconds. Honestly, this project would make it so much easier to be used than using photoshop cause to me I always struggle with photoshop.

Auto Compose


Blog #5 Gordon Park’s Work



One of Gordon Park’s work which is one of the spread from one of his first series article on crime called “The Atmosphere of Crime”. It was first published on September 9, 1957.  Life magazine asked Parks to illustrate a serious of articles on the crimes that was happen in the US during 1957. He already a staff photographer for over a decade and was the first African American who was able to hold that kind of position. Life Magazine Editor not one want to examine the rising rate of the criminal but the lack of response to such criminal activities. Gordon started to plan a six weeks journey where him and the reporter were on the street of New York , Chicago ,San Francisco and also Los Angeles. Unlike his works, all of his images would be made in color. The Atmosphere of Crime wasn’t just known to be an eight pages photo essay and having its bold aesthetic , it was known for how it was challenging stereotyping toward criminality and it was spreading widely through the mainstream media. 
Spread from “The Atmosphere of Crime,”

Blog #4 First Networking Event

On September 29th, I attended my very first networking event which was the “Meet The Pros” the special guest was Alitha Martinez who is an Eisner award-winning artist of “Black Panther” and she’s a current artist for the DC comic “Nubia”.  This event caught my full attention considering that another comic book artist was coming to our campus. The event was open to all City Tech students, along with faculty and alumni. It was a Q&A event where the interviewer who was one of the COMD professors was asking a bunch of questions asking Alitha about her career and how she started as a comic book artist. She brought up some interesting answers. One of the things that she mention was how she grew up in Florida where her parents didn’t believe in her and they would expect her to pursue more into a nursing or doctor career. Hearing what she had to go through as a comic artist made me relate so much considering coming from a Filipino family where everyone is going toward a nursing or doctor career. She even mentions how there aren’t many females who are working in the comic book industry considering the comic book was made for males. She even gives tips and tricks on how to improve your art style and how you could save a lot of time when it comes to drawing backgrounds. Honestly, I did enjoy the interactions she had with the students and the professors. It feels like we just having a normal conversation. It was very inspiring for me, especially for someone who doesn’t have any drawing skills. 

Blog #3 Scientific American Article


This article “A Massive LinkedIn Study Reveals Who Actually Helps You Get That Job “written by Viviane Callier explains that Acquaintance can actually be your strength of “weak ties” when it come to employment. This article stated that you can’t always rely on your friends or families if you ever wanted to gain a new job.  You’re most likely are going to grab a new position through your “weak ties” which is your loose acquaintances that you have a few mutual connections with according to the influential theories in the social science. Study show that had more than 20 million people that was on the professional social networking site called LinkedIn shows that forging weak ties can indeed help people get a brand new job in over the five years period. It shows that whichever type of connections can be the most important for anyone who are job hunting. This article mentions that people that are in many different communities can give a whole lots of new set of information along with helpful connections. Even having a mutual friend can actually act like a bridge to be able to contact people from different groups. This could provide new opportunity for you when it’s come to job hunting.

Blog #2

A friend of mine recommended this internship. She mentions how she enjoys working as an intern for this organization. I decided to apply as an intern for this organization. My friend gave me an example of what to say along with his contact information. That night, I send him an email along with my resume attached. After sending my resume to the organization’s owner, Neil Trivedi set up a time for my appointment when he would call me by phone for my interview. The first thing Neil said as he was introducing himself and his organization was. He was explaining the origin and the mission of the organization.

Rock – messagers & task ap


He brought up the app his organization used for communication, which was a messaging app called Rock. We had a bit of a discussion about their website. He mentioned that people who were from the Philippines were the ones who were designing their websites. It caught my attention since my family was from the Philippines, He then mention that he has been to the Philippines once to meet with the president of the Philippines. After that little discussion, Neil was assigning my first 5 tasks and let me know to sign up for Rock before I joined the group they had. The area department that they gave me was the Strategic Engagement Department.

Unity For Equality Website

Blog #1

The internship I’m working as an intern is this non-profit and community-based organization. Mr. Neil Trivedi found the Unity For Equality in 2016. He began working by joining civic and community board in order to influence changes in local areas. Their mission is to help other less fortunate people to become economically stable. They provide services that can enable to individuals in order to improve the quality of life. They assist individual and families from different areas by helping them for social justices, boosting civic engagement, educational opportunities and healthcare access. Their headquarter is actually located here in Flushing, New York. Their key event in its history was they were able to help about more than 1,500 individuals in filing for employment during the COVID-19 pandemic and they were able to provide face masks, hot meals and hand sanitizer to over 20,000 individual who were in need during COVID-19 pandemic.


Unity For Equality Logo