Blog #9 – Networking Event #3 (Virtual #2)

The webinar that i joined during the week  was called “What has 2020 taught us about how we work?” It was by APC-NYC  Student Engagement Panel.  In this panel , it was exploring some of the changing factors for any candidates that was around the aspects of searching a remote job , networking and onboarding along with the implication for the digital natives who are entering the job marketing post graduation. This webinar was hosted by Siobhan Daukes who is the  President of advertising production club of New York along with Marko Bon , Hannah Ward and Rebecca Field.

Daukes goes off explaining about what the organization do for the students who are looking to enter the world of media , creative and advertising along working with professional who is already been familiar with the industry. She mention how one of the goals was to make easy and accessible for students in order to benefit from their amazing expertise that exist in the industry. They wanted to offer their support as early into the student’s journey. As Daukes started explaining the topic for the webinar was to prepare for the transition from an kind of structured  curriculum based environment that already been used to from the last few years being in college to the unstructured professional real world. She talks about how 2022 was filled with an crazy amount of uncertainty and had a lot of changes on how we interact with each other in the working along with remote working. Daukes  introduce to the other host Rebecca Feld who work for Omnicon health group. She goes on explaining about her backstory how she was coming from an hr background like recruiting and how she had an interest in the healthcare industry. Next person is Hannah Ward, she start introducing herself saying she was from London. She is an course manager at an sale impact academy.  She talks about how she just graduated during the year. She understands what it’s be like to be in an position where you’re starting to do your job search. She mention that back in college she did a double majors in both international and urban studies. She is now part of a remote team working with Siobhan and now fully experience to being a remote worker and understanding of the transition from college to having a role