Blog #8 – My first assignment

On November 7, my director Jennifer messaged me on the Rock messenger app, assigning me my first assignment. She wanted me to create Instagram stories for the public holidays that were coming up during the month of November from many different countries. She sent me a list of 7 other countries that was Albania, the British Virgin Islands, Chad, Congo, East Timor, Mauritania, and Panama. She gave me a deadline which was on November 19. For the first 2 days, I was coming up with ideas on how I wanted the Instagram stories to look. At the same time, I was even following the brand guidelines that Jennifer send me on the first day. The inspiration for my instagram stories  came from one of my classmates Henry. I saw Henry’s instagram stories they used on their instagram. It was a very simple design but still using the colors and fonts from their brand guideline.

There wasnt any limition just as long i was using the brand guidelines and i wanted to keep the instagram consistent. So for my design i just created an diagonal stripes along with a plain dark blue and i just add pictures of 7 different countries. I even made sure i added the public holiday names on all of them to indicate what holiday was being celebrated.

2 weeks later , These were posted on both of their instagram stories and as well their instagram.