Visual Quote Concepts



“Books are uniquely portable magic.” -Stephen King

Since I could not find the author of my original quote, I decided to go with the one that I was the most familiar with.








Final Concepts:


Visual Quote #1

For the first concept, I chose an opened book since an opened book was the first thing I think of. I thought of having to put a black background for the book to pop up along with the quote. I thought I would use a script typeface for the word “Magic” to intimate the word magic. But it wasn’t successful for most people. It was making my quote more Disney-like rather than Stephen King since he was known for his horror theme books & horror movies. I added a horror theme background instead using a black background. For the font typeface, I looked up a horror font on Dafont. I ended up using a font called another danger. For the font color I used for Stephen King , I used something that was the color of blood. I used a bloody handprint to make it more horror.


Visual Quote #2


For this concept, I keep the same concept as my first one just from a different perspective. For the color choice, I ended up choosing this purple-blueish color for the book itself. But however, for my concept, I made the font color I just put a regular black for Stephen King. But my final concept I ended up changing up the alignment for Stephen King more in the center. Adding some kind blood drip from the book to intimate the horror feel you get when you read Stephen King


Visual Quote #3

For this concept, at first, I did another opened book but however, It wasn’t successful as I thought it would be. So I ended up changing up my idea and using a different way to visually show this quote easily. I used a picture of Stephen King as my concept to make it more different from my second concept. For the font I found another horror that look like a bloody word. The font name for this is called Double Feature. I was able to find it also on Da Font.