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Case Study #1

As an Architect, it is an obligation to seek to it that a commissioned project are both satisfying and safe to the people intended to occupy it. As stated in the book, “Professional Practice” “An Architect serve two main functions, We are the creators, the designers, the authors, and the coordinators of all the other design professional work. In these roles we take the information about the project’s needs (the program), We synthesize the information (along with all of the site)in to designs, we elaborate on those designs and we produce working drawings and specifications that fully communicate what the owner contracts with the contractor to build and exactly how to build it.” 

This simply translates that a the Architect is responsible for the best outcome of the commissioned project, and anything that falls out of line with such an agreement permits the termination or bleached of the contract. In the case where the Architect discovers a cheat  in the cement content, The architect must report the incident to the city. Though this may cost the Architect financially, it will be the best action, that will result to the safety of the pubic and even the security of he/she’s profession.


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