Post 7

During my time in the internship I was primarily working alongside one of the graphic designers with one of their clients which were MetLife. The project consisted of designing huge scale walls inside their Warwick, RI location. The walls reached up to 40 feet wide. The interesting part about this that I didn’t just design graphics for a wall, it was a lot of interactive walls. Working in a corporate job can get boring, so we designed walls that entertained these workers while on their break or some downtime at work. I helped brainstorm ideas like an interactive wall you can draw on. We were also thinking about making an exchangeable wall library. Basically the wall would have book shelves you can replace books with. If someone wanted to share a book with someone they can put it up on the wall leave a little review and find another book on the wall to read. My desk was right next to the designers desk at my internship, so it was really easy to communicate with him. They really liked the concept and wanted me to further explore it by creating mock ups of the walls. I didn’t really get time to mock up the walls. The hard part about this was thinking of low tech ways to do this because the budget was limiting.  MetLife wall ideas