Post 4

It has been about a month and some days that I have been interning at Purepartner. I am learning a lot about the real world when it comes to graphic design. There is a lot of talking and meetings before initial design. So this is the routine I noticed when we work with clients. Ron (owner of Purepartner) will come to us and tell us what the client needs. He tells us the direction he visions and the budget we have to work with. We than come up with a pdf presentation of our ideas in a way where the client can understand it easily. Sometimes they have Skype meetings while Ron goes over the pdf with them or sometimes the client looks on it on their own. So the head designer tells me it is always important to put all the supporting ideas to your concept in a clear and concise way when you present. I also learned with a bunch of meetings you have to be conscious of budget. You might have a brilliant idea for something but if it realistically won’t fit budget, chances are they will scrap your idea. My typical day in the office so far is getting up to date by the head designer. He shows me what clients he is working on and will ask me to do research on concepts he is doing. Sometimes they ask me to fix images before they present to a client. I could say that its challenging at times because I am not a professional in photoshop or illustrator. But they designers in the company are really helpful and nice so it helps. Overall this is a big learning experience.