Journal Post 2

My role within the company right now is helping with the brainstorm process of what graphics should be put in whatever project they have me working on. For example I am helping brainstorm some ideas of how specific type should look like on a large wall in a building. The name of my supervisor would is Ron. I work in a church and Purepartner rents out the 7th floor, so I asked Ron who is a partner there if any open internship positions are available. He said yes and we scheduled an in-house interview that week. I was interviewed by Ron and the office manager Jennifer. Both are really cool and down to earth people. They asked me what I wanted to get out of this internship. I told them I wanted to improve my skills as a graphic designer and learn from Marco who is their graphic designer. He also asked what I think Purepartner does/involved with. Jennifer brought in a book about a space they maintain for one their clients. It gave me more insight on what they do and also how execute the objectives their clients give them.