Journal Post 1

My internship is in a company called Purepartner by Design. It is a group of creatives who create   brand experiences for the world’s leading lifestyle brands. Purepartner uses strategy and experience design to solve their clients need. Within the company there are about 10 employees. The main office is located in midtown. It is a privately owned company which was found in 2003. I currently am interning under the graphic designer of the firm. This firm deals a lot with designing for company events in large spaces.

I found two articles on two event space designs they did. One was for their client back in 2007, Kyocera. They designed a space with a budget of $500,000 and the space was 60 by 80 feet. The theme of the design was inspired by a Japanese philosophy called “In-yo”. It is the idea of harmonizing opposite forces together. I thought it was really interesting how they incorporated earth elements and technology together. They showcased product in museum like cases on top of acrylic tubes nestled on beds of grass. Here is the link to see the photos.

Second article I found was for an event they did on 2004. It was for Kyocera as well and the new tagline they had was “the genius of simplicity”. Kyocera believed a phone should not be complicated to use. To emphasize simplicity Purepartner used a child’s pinwheel. Here is the link to see the design