“blue” Exhibit at Nassau Museum

Cao Jun

Blue is one of my favorite colors, in any shade, in any form, if it’s blue, I’m in love. The class was able to virtually experience this work by Cao Jun. The fluidity of the piece almost speaks in a calm voice. In addition to the many shades of blue, whatever technique Jun uses allows the image to have depth, dimension, and texture.

On the Shore by Alex Ferrone

Like Jun’s piece. Alex Ferrone’s, On the Shore has a lot of movement, texture and dimension. Unlike Jun’s piece, Ferrone’s is actually a photograph. Becoming aware that the image was take literally above the shoreline and being able to capture such and image makes this image even more interesting. I also enjoy the neutral colors offer a sense of peace and tranquility which holds the viewers gaze.

Hoa Qin

The last piece that spoke to me while on this visit was created by How Qin. Qin’s friends posed for her while she created this piece. Like the previous pieces, my attention was taken by the fluidity of the work. What allows for the even more visual pleasure is the dance that accompanies the piece. It’s very clever to have performing art with such and active work of art like this one.

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