About Me


Here’s Jonny!

Welcome to the page of this ComD major!

I find myself here at City Tech, on a quest to find who I am as a designer, taking everything I’ve learned here and apply it to every experience life affords me. Who am I, you ask? Well, pop a squat and let me introduce myself. A Capricorn from Queens, I have steadily grown an appreciation for the arts and its forms of expression. From dance to fine art, from the written and spoken word to fashion, I’m inspired by anything that is colorful, energetic, thought-provoking, and overall beautiful.

My goal while studying here is to absorb everything that this school has to offer. As a creative, I plan on growing and developing my business, taking the practices in certain techniques, and implementing them; hopefully bringing me to a level of success that would make me feel that this experience was worth it. I’m aware that the industry is changing and if me being here means unlocking doors that would otherwise be closed to me, give me all the keys! Space is the limit and with that goal in mind, my possibilities are endless.