Meet the Pros: Andrew Shea

I went to see the speaker Andrew Shea, who is a graphic designer and writer. i really enjoyed being there, hearing his stories about using graphic design to spread awareness about neurofibromatosis and with the help of an organization was able to make brochures and info graphics for people to educate them on banks and how banks are not doing their part in helping out cities/towns. Throughout the talk one part that was really interesting was how he explains how swing doors are bad for the environment and bad for the economy and how we should be using revolving doors instead. What was interesting is what he did to inform people about it by standing by the entrance of Columbia university and counting how many people use the swing door compared to how many people use the revolving door. He saw more people use swing doors than revolving doors and so what he did was he made two designs that told people to use revolving doors instead and overtime more people started to use the revolving doors, and I found that interesting, how he used a simple designs to make people change their ways for the better, it certainly inspired me to do something similar.To learn more about Andrew Shea go on his website

Making Music Modern: Design for Ear and Eye


I visited the exhibition at Moma and as soon as I walk in 60’s pop music was playing. I saw posters of rock groups like The Beatles, Jimi Hendrix, Elvis Costello, and The Clash and seeing designs from famous designers like Saul Bass. The whole place was amazing, seeing the relationship between music and design certainly made me more appreciative of music and more appreciative of design, how design is essential is making objects that we enjoy using such as iPhone,radios,headphones. Apart from that, what certainly helped me with having some ideas related to my project was the design animation video of David Bowie’s song “Sound and Vision”. It helped me expand my understanding of rhythm and movement.