My experience at the Cooper Hewitt Museum

My visit at the Cooper Hewitt museum was an exciting and unexpected experience. I was excited to see a museum solely based on design and not fine art, unexpected because when I walked through the door they gave a wand and told me that I can save the work I like and look at them through the museum website. I’ve never heard of anything like this and while going around the museum looking at the illustrations, graphic designs, and industrial designs, it was amazing. I enjoyed being there and a lot of work I liked there were propaganda illustrations and minimalist graphic designs.93568_d12e5c52530304f6_b 90437_486ea1a7ba7d294a_b 80942_a148c80f44b7fbf5_b 94784_960c86f9bfbd4c2d_b 93581_3171be0da5ea544a_b Poster, Ayunda! A Las Familias de Los Combatientes del Norte/Asturias/ Octubre-1934