December 13th: Began pre-script notes.

January 1st: Began script writing.

January 30th: First draft of script done.

February 11th: First production meeting.

February 15th: Second draft of script done.

February 16th: Production meeting about costumes/props.

February 23rd: Storyboard drafting.

February 25th: Final script.

February 26th: Final proposal.

February 28th: Storyboard drafting.

March 1st: Production meeting about lighting

March 6th: Shooting schedule.

March 12-13th: First days of shooting.

March 20th: Shooting.

March 22th:Post production, start of audio syncing and organizational naming

March 26th: Shooting.

March 27th: Shooting.

March 29th: Post production, Continuation of audio sync and organizational naming

April 3rd: Last day of shooting.

April 4th: Post production,End of audio syncing and organizational naming, begin to make rough cut

April 12th: Created teaser trailer

April 28th: Finished Rough cut

May 2nd: Post-production refining/ fine cut editing

May 10th: Exported current cuts with title change