Chocolate Hat Stand

I am proud of this piece that I made. Not only did we only have two classes to learn and work on this chocolate amenity, but we had little time for errors. Tempering different types of chocolate was probably the most challenging area of this project. I hope to have the opportunity to work on other chocolate amenities in the future.

Wedding Cake Sampler

This was my first attempt at making a wedding cake sampler. I applied a lot of skills that we were learning in class in order to show off that I grew from this assignment. Before this assignment I had little to no experience with decorating a cake. But after finishing it I walked away with a lot of skills under my belt and things I need to work on.

Sugar Fruits

After a lot of fruits exploding in my hands and holes that would deflate the finished product. I was finally able to get the hang of blowing sugar fruits. I later tried to do more complicated shapes like bananas and pears and was able to make some great end products.