Journal #26

Proportionate color inventory (source)

proportioned; being in due proportion; proportional.

informal: a list of items of colors which are balance



non-proportionate color inventory (source)

having due proportion; corresponding.

being in or characterized by proportion.

of, relating to, or based on proportion; relative.

informal: non-balance list of colors

Journal #27

Process color

Process colors are represented as percentages of cyan, magenta, yellow and black. Varying the percentages offers thousands of color possibilities. When four-color process printing is used to reproduce photographs, decorative elements such as borders and graphics can be created out of process colors. This helps to avoid the added expense of an extra plate needed to print each spot color.

Informal: Many colors options because its the CYMB spectrum.

photo: source

Spot color 

Spot colors are standardized colors that can be purchased from a color-matching company or that can be mixed by a commercial printer according to formulations provided by the color-matching company. Informal: Colors avaliable through color matching company and specialized mixing.

Hex triplet

Hex Triplet Colors are web colors used for font families and userbox designing.




informal: collection of colors with number scale on HTML formats