Emely Perez, senior designer

J. Walter Thompson New York


I enjoyed watching the Meet the Pros Panel with different directors and designers from different departments of Agency share their experiences in the their journey from student to working professional. My experience at Art and design club, ‘Met the Pros’ creative directors and graphic designers from J. Walter Thompson New York, panel discussion was informational for me, I never really thought about working in Advertising. But It peeked my interest in a way like could I or would I want to apply for some advertising agencies after I graduate. Emely Perez is a City Tech CUNY alumni, she talked about her journey from City Tech Cuny to the workplace and becoming a Senior Graphic Designer. She attended a program called MAIP, The 4A’s Multicultural Advertising Intern Program (MAIP) connects aspiring, diverse, entry-level advertising professionals with leading advertising agencies which helps minorities African American and Hispanic decent break into Advertising via summer internships nationwide. The factor that you will be able to get a 10-week internship and will be placed in any company which selects you, which can be anywhere in USA. I am interested in moving and experiencing working outside of New York City, since I am originally from here, I would like to relocate for a year or two just for a break from ‘CITY LIFE’. everyone on the panel was interesting and how they got to the same agency through different routes, some of the directors went through applying directly through agency and developing their work and applying formal way. the panel discussion offered a lot of encouragement and incite on pursuing a creative side and working within the  business side of advertising. Mo Osunbor, a Creative Director at  J. Walter Thompson New York. He was personable and amusing. Osunbor reminded me of myself because he has work different types of jobs to make it to his advertising path. He won awards for advertising at Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity. Cannes Lions is the world’s biggest festival and awards for the creative communications industries, including. In addition, he teaches at Miami Ad school.


Mo Osunbor, a Creative Director at  J. Walter Thompson New York

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