Social Responsibility


Social Responsibility

Noun [U] – the practice of producing goods and services in a way that is not harmful to society or the environment.

Responsibility -something for which one is accountable for.


Social Responsibility is about me, you, and us taking an action for the future of our world. It involves an idea to be individually responsible for. When people connect ideas to act against any corrupt powers that commonly control social settings. When we all act with ideas to eliminate products that are harmful to society, we are being socially responsible. Social responsibility is used in everyday life by either picking up garbage or saving energy at home.


        Not only are companies a part of being socially responsible, but so are communities. Communities make people come together for several reasons because they either have something in common or live in the same neighborhood. Being a part of a community is important to the success of our world. I am a part of the “Go Green” community. My community makes sure that we are not littering, always recycling, and saving energy. Social responsibility ties together with my community because as an individual, I do my part for society but will also benefit all of us together. This will also benefit the earth, instead of destroying it more.


        Growing up, I rarely saw any separated garbage bins. I would always see people throwing garbage in one bin and even on the streets. Honestly, the only time I thought on separating the recycling from the trash was when my father did it. As I grew up, I saw everything form a different perspective. I felt like I wasn’t doing anything beneficial for society. Then a lightbulb popped up in my head like, I can change the world with my ways. I started recycling all my bottles and plastics. Although many would ask, how can your contribution change the entire world? I’d say if we challenge ourselves to create a positive impact with every action we take, there can be a change to the world. My contribution will lead no harm to society and hopefully persuade others to take an action on cleaning up our environment.


        Throughout the years, there has been many ways to “Go Green”. Many people including myself have been switching to reusable items to prevent waste. Many supermarkets now sell reusable items to customers daily. One of these items are reusable bags instead of plastic or paper bags. This is not an obligation for customers, but the willingly do it because it saves them money and doesn’t harm our world.


        In conclusion, as individuals we can come together in a community to make a better world, not only for ourselves but for future generations. We can accomplish this by taking an active participation in dealing with some of the issues we face. It is about being responsible for our actions and being aware of the impact your actions have on others, our communities, and environment. In other words, communities should be concerned about the well-being of society and mindful of how its actions could affect society.


The drawing above describes the different ways on how we can help our environment. These include recycling, the light bulb to save energy, taking care of the plants and individually taking action that will eventually benefit all of us together. Lets Go Green means we should all take responsibility to save the earth. If we all go green it will not only benefit us but will also benefit the planet and future generations. Taking some of the steps like shown in the drawing can make a big impact to society.