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a) Spouse and descendants equally share the intestate property, but the spouseā€™s share may not be less than 1/3. In New York, The spouse collects the first $50k and splits the remaining by half with the issue(s).

b) In both Georgia and New York the spouse gets everything.

c) Parents inherit everything in both states.

2. Testamentary Capacity : Georgia CodeĀ Ā§ 53-4-10.

a) Same as NY; 18

3. Duly Execution: Georgia CodeĀ Ā§ 53-4-20.

a) Two witnesses in both states.

4. Atlanta City, Georgia. Estimated populationĀ 443,775.

This website belongs to a female probate lawyer. Unlike the other cites I found, this one is very professional. She speaks about her professional background and current involvement in the community. This attorney specializes in probates and estate planning.


This webpage makes me want to have some Real Estate to be appraised. Very fancy and well put together.

6. The Probate Court is located in Fulton County, Atlanta, GA

136 Pryor Street SW
Suite C-230

7.Ā Herzing University Atlanta
Legal Studies Program
3393 Peachtree Road NE
Suite 1003
Atlanta, GA 30326
Director: Jennifer S. Cantor
Telephone: 404-816-4533 ext 15133
Fax: 404-816-5576

The school is the only ABA approved school in Atlanta, GA.

Tuition Fees:

Herzing :$6,450.00 Full time /Semester Ā Per Credit $565.00

City Tech: $3400.00 Full time/Semester Per credit $650.00


“PL 139 Wills, Trusts and Estates This course covers the study and practice of wills, trusts, and estates, stressing the need for understanding the concepts, uses, and forms involved in this ever-changing area of the law. 3.00 credit hours. Prerequisite: PL 106 Legal Research. Corequisite: None.”