Inheritance Laws of Rhode Island, Question 5

5.    The Capraro Appraisal Company, Inc.  Link: 

The Capraro Appraisal Company appears to be a full service company offering the usual real estate appraisers services like mortgages and tax assessments.  The service that is most interesting to us, is the Estate Planning and the Settlement services, after the death of a loved one, like determining the value of the estate.

About the website: It’s sad that with one of the best art schools in the world relatively nearby, Rhode Island School of Design (RISD), the Capraro Appraisal Company, Inc. has such an unkempt, user unfriendly, and dull website. I selected this firm in spite of their website, and because they were one of the few real estate appraisers on the Directors of Appraisers of Providence, Rhode Island’s list that listed more than just mortgages and foreclosures as their services offered.

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