“Design for Information: An Introduction to Histories, Theories, and Best Practices Behind Effective Information” by Isabel Meirelles starts off simple but strong by refreshing my memory in the key terms “infographics”, “information design”, “data visualization” and “information visualization”, as well as the importance of successfully portraying information that otherwise would be impossible without the verbal and visual communication necessary. The first chapter covered the topic of Hierarchy, which is also one of the core principles we also learned in our very first architecture class. This showcases how some of these terms are universal across all types of design departments.

In Crash Course Computer Science video #2, Carrie Anne discusses Boolean logic/algebra and how “True” and “False” correlates to input and output when it comes to the flow of electricity. She also discusses the basic operations of AND, OR, and NOT gates (they are called gates because they control the path of the current) and how they grow in complexity to create something like an XOR gate.