The first video speaks on the origin of computing system, from abacus to the computing system we have today. Despite the systems having the abilities of computing and calculating the word “computer” wasn’t even used till 1816, which is really interesting. I found it even more interesting that the word was used as a role. The video continues to fully develop , explaining that later on it started to shift from a role to devices. It was a interesting to hear that computing was used from military engines, to government and domestic use.

The second video speaks on the development of computers from being electro mechanic to the electronic.Despite its many advantages, the electro-mechanic devices have limitations: wear and tear over time. I found this video , very enlightening, most video talking about computers tend to be explanation heavy. This crash course video explained the aspects of the new computing system in a way that it is easy to digest and understand. I would enjoy to learn more on computing through Crash Course, these videos have been really helpful in learning computing.