About Me


As I said before I’m a graphic designer. I have my own company in Argentina. I’m trying to “bring” that company to New York.
At this moment I’ll be back to New York because I want to get my diploma. My major is Broadcast.
This is my first semester after 5 years outside from college.
My experience as a Graphic  Design is that the learning we have in college is just the beginning of our careers. It is very different being a student and then have to deal with real clients.
During my first years, I had many problems to understand the clients and their necessities, however at this moment I’m very proud of myself because when I talk to a client I already know what they need. It is automatically. So, when they tell me for example: “I need a business card that helps me to sell my business.” I know what colors, what pictures, and what the typeface I will use for that particular client, and the best thing is that when I design any design for any support (flyers, business cards, stickers, etc) the clients love it and approved them immediately.
But, when I started with my business, everyday I was deciding to abandon it. Because it was very difficult to have a good comunication with clients. Even, when both of us speak the same language (spanish). So, there were many hard days at the beginning. Now, when I look back, I know for sure… That those difficult times makes me concentrate all my effort in recognize my passion, which is design as well as understand and be an open mind to understand the clients.
Hopefully, right now I have a lot of clients.
You can follow my business in the fanpage at: www.facebook.com/lalibelula.creativa