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  1. Corey O'Hara

    I feel like a good amount of the people who go to the Brooklyn Bridge main purpose is to site see. What if we could combine both the Brooklyn Bridge and the Manhattan Bridge, creating a massive walk way in-between both of the bridges for tourist and sightseers to have a whole new view of the city.

  2. Corey O'Hara

    A lot of people who walk over the Brooklyn Bridge, are simply just there to use the bridge as a way to get to there next destination. What if we could speed up this process for the commuters by adding technology to the bridge. Adding a magic carpet to the bridge will allow the commuters to get across the bridge faster allowing them to use less energy, this will also help divide the bridge more efficiently separating; the bike lane from the walking lane.

  3. benjamin bannister

    ● Additional public land/space on the water, possibly an Amphitheatre. A merging of historic Greek design plus future technology incorporated.
    β€” Maybe an additional symphony hall (like Sydney, Australia), for an artistic/commercial space.
    β€” Surrounding area would incorporate more trees, more nature, for a clean environment.
    β€” Develop a surrounding artificial reef. It would help clean the water, and serve as a natural barrier for hurricanes.
    β€” Hidden energy-generating elements in the areaβ€”or in plain site designed as art.
    β€” Trash in the area is easy to collect, and frequently recycled back into the landscape as compost.
    ● Expanded land should include new housing developments made specifically for Artists and Creatives.
    β€” Lottery would allow Artists to live in new apartments, with agreements to do monthly/yearly art events in the public space.
    β€” New developments would reinvigorate the surrounding DUMBO area.

    1. Ezra Stabler

      A modification of the existing transportation infrastructure can be implemented in order to reduce wait times and expand service. For example, if there were twice as many trains, each with half the capacity, the average wait time would theoretically be cut in half.

      However, it could be taken even further. With more units and smaller capacity per unit, not only could wait times be reduced, passengers with the same or similar routes could be taken in the unit. This would result in the ability to “go express” through unnecessary stops, and even transfer between seamlessly between lines. Certainly this would necessitate the inclusion of infrastructure upgrades, however these could be implemented progressively as other maintenance is performed.

      Here is a lighthearted concept in a somewhat similar vein:

  4. Evan Snyder

    An additional idea: Creating modern binocular viewing stations for tourists, utilizing augmented reality data to highlight historical destinations, restaurants, etc. Money can be generated via user fees for the binoculars, as well as prioritizing paid organizations and businesses.

  5. Brandon Jawahir

    A interactive map of the MTA system could be of use. This map can show the exact locations and movements of trains and buses all around the city by showing the specific bus/train via their time schedule. They can be displayed in subway stations and on bus stops. This map can ease the curiousity of MTA users who are too eager to wait for the next bus/train. It can also show delays and any other events happening around the city.

  6. Marko Cibic

    I was thinking of a way where we can strengthen the process of recycling garabage throughout the city of New York. I feel as if people do not take this certain situation seriously, rather they take it for granted. I myself personally do not recycle as much as I should, and I want to change that. The reason I thought of this idea is due to the fact that I walk around the streets of New York and all I see are streets filled with garbage and litter. This can not continue to happen, think of all the negative aspects that can arise in the near future if we continue down this path. For example, if tenants do not begin recycling in their homes and properly disposing of their recycled garbage they will be issued to a fine or certain punishment that can be taken up in court. I know tenants do not like losing money, so this idea can make them adherent to the situation and force them to start recycling on their own. This is just a brainstorming idea, nothing serious yet!

  7. Victor Soto

    Create two bridges on each entrance within 1/4 miles walking in the bridge that connects both of the bridges (Manhattan and Brooklyn) . In case someone get confused while walking on one of them, they can easily change from one to another without having to walk back.


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