Day12 5/2/2019

How was the spring break? and also how did you enjoy the2019 Microsoft Tech Transfer Days conference? Any thought? Any feedback from the audience? Please put your comments.

7 thoughts on “Day12 5/2/2019”

  1. Good evening, professor. Kelvin is here. I went to New Jersey to work with Castle Point anime Convention on Spring Break weekend. The tech transfer day was like a big lesson to me, which I recognized I need to learn to be confident on presenting in front of professionals

  2. My spring break was good. I enjoyed the 2019 the Microsoft Tech Transfer Days conference. I get to listened to different people ideas. It was a great experience.

  3. Spring break was good. I enjoyed TTD at microsoft. Meeting with other presenters and presenting our project was great. Its good to see that side of the industry, firsthand.

  4. Spring break was good. Unfortunately I was unable to attend Tech Transfer due to work/time constraints. I did however hear positive feedback from the rest of the team. I even heard about Kelvins bravery on presenting in front of an audience of complete strangers! Very exciting!

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