Day01 2/7/2020

Hi Class,

Let’s introduce ourselves.

  1. Your name
  2. Your major
  3. Why you are taking this Furniture Design course?
  4. What kinds of content you’d like to learn in this course?
  5. Your future goal(s)
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8 Responses to Day01 2/7/2020

  1. Hi my name is Masa Nakamura. I’m an associate professor of mechanical engineering technology and the instructor of this course.
    I’m happy to teach this course. My future goal is training a lot of “Environmental Superheros” in ecodesign fields.

  2. Kelvin Chan says:

    Good evening, my name is Hing Chan, but everyone used to call me Kelvin. I recently submitted application to transfer my major from industrial design to Mechanical Engineering. The reason I took this class besides it’s a requirement is that to figure out how different kind of material fabricates. My future goal after graduation is to return to Hong Kong and study aviation

  3. Lina Zheng says:

    -Lina Zheng
    -Mechanical engineering
    -The reason I take furniture design class is that I think it must be fun, also it is a required course of industrial design associate degree.
    -I would like to learn the whole process of creating furniture.
    -My future goal is product design/packaging design.

  4. Sory says:

    Hi my name is Ouedraogo Sory. I am majoring in Mechanical engineering. I am taking this class because I want to learn how design furniture and also need a class to complete my financial aid. I like to learn detail and skills required to make a house furniture. my goal is to pass this class with A and graduated from college.

  5. Jairo Barros says:

    Hi all:

    1- My name is Jairo Barros
    2- My major Architecture
    3- I love furniture design
    4- Materials property, human body and comfort design, parametric design in furniture, Japanese design small scale, Japanese joinery
    5- My goal is to be a furniture designer/architect with a little bit more than just designing furniture, I want to tell people what they should have as furniture and build for them…

  6. Shaneil says:

    1) My name is Shaneil Da Silva
    2) I am study IND/MECH.
    3) It is one of the last courses before I can get my associates degree, but is one of the classes I have been looking forward to, I am excited to create physical model.
    4)I wanna look into maximizing storage in unconventional furniture. Like furniture that has more than one function.
    5)My future goals is to get my Master in Packaging Science/engineer and work in Packaging development. I want to innovate new packaging and see them on the shelf of every store.

  7. Sheng Chen says:

    I am Sheng Chen.
    My major is mechanical engineering.
    The reason why I talking is because it is a requirement. Also I want to be more focus in field of industrial design.
    In this course, I want to learn more knowledge about furniture. And creating my project
    I want to found a job in a small company. And design and make some small products which can be recycle.

  8. 1. My names Rashawn
    2.My major is industrial design
    3. I’m taking this course because it is a requirement and because of my interest in furniture design
    4. d like to learn how to apply bio-morphic shapes to furniture and test different materials
    5. My goals are to design cool furniture and apply those skills in my future career

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