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  1. Sneakers- It takes nike about thirty dollars to produce a $100 dollar shoe. Instead of buying shoes worth thirty dollars we go for nike because its more expensive. We buy nikes for the design.

    Designer Wear- the only real difference may be the material and they way its made ( hand etc) we’re buying the brand for its name. Not always because it is the best of the product we can find)

    Homes- Humans only need so much space to live and feel comfortable. homes are a prime example of Aesthetic Usability. Having a home is one thing but owning a nice home on the side of Hollywood hills is purely for aesthetic

  2. + High heels have little to no real practical use and are uncomfortable for some people who where them but they’re still a hot item for many people. They are both difficulty to walk in and run in but it does effect the appearance of there shape.
    +Vases or flower pots the appearance of the pot greatly effect by there likely hood of being bought.

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