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  1. I’m am well just pretty tired. The weekend was nice, i was able to get some sleep I really needed. And yes, I found on Facebook a video where a company redesigned the crutches. It’s pretty cool and looks much more efficient.

  2. Doing good today the weekend was great I finally went to Comic Con for the first time on Saturday and then re watched all of Yamato II cant wait to see the re make of this next year

  3. I’m doing good today. The long weekend was a nice break although it should’ve been for the whole week. I didn’t see anything related to industrial design or maybe I did and didn’t realize.

  4. I’m always fine, not today only. This long weekend was just like vacations for me. I thought, what is better to redesign that you gave us for homework. But, I chose to redesign entrance of Voorhies Building. That, I have on openlab now. I think this is the good redesigning what I have done. I draw this on paper, didn’t do this with any drafting program yet.

  5. I am doing well. The last two weeks passed so quickly; I felt like I barely took care of all the items I needed to take care of.

    I was at the Maker Faire, and it was very interesting to see the projects that people are working on, but thought the focus is too much on tech. Making is, and should, represent all areas of specialization, including handicrafts.

  6. Good afternoon, Professor. I am doing well today. The long weekend was alright, I had to time to catch up on sleep. One thing I came across that may be related to industrial design was the switching of old halogen bulb streetlights to led bulbs in my neighborhood.

  7. Hello professor, I’m good and how are you? I hope well. It was good did a little soul searching stuff. Well kinda of, I had a conversation with someone we were talking about things that would work good together. He said something like a toaster and a toaster oven would be great. Turns out it exist and maybe it should be called an “twoator oven”.

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