How Close Are We To Smart Guns?


Experts weigh in at Fortune’s Brainstorm Tech conference in Aspen.

Although smart guns are hailed as potentially a more effective way for gun safety, the commercialization of these devices could still be decades away.

Smart guns, also called “personalized” guns, come equipped with technology so that the guns can only be fired by a specific person or authorized user.

But Margot Hirsch, president of gun safety organization, Smart Tech Challenges Foundation, said she believes smart guns would cut back on gun violence, but she said these guns are still a long way from coming to market. “Gun deaths will take over automobile deaths in 2016,” she said at Fortune’s Brainstorm Tech on Wednesday.”But in the past few decades, automotive companies have added more safety features in cars. It will likely also take decades to make a change with guns.”

How Close Are We To Smart Guns?

Is the U.S. ready for smart guns

Every time there’s a massacre at a school, like the recent one in Oregon, it reignites the debate for more gun control — not only because of the mass shootings, but because of the hundreds of incidents of gun violence every day on our streets and in our homes. One idea that keeps coming up is smart guns. These are firearms that only work when they’re fired by their owner. It seems that “gee whiz” technology is seeping into every corner of our lives. Why not guns?