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  1. My name is Xue Min Pan. I chose this department(this course actually) is I am interested in 3D modeling and animation. I have done some projects in Maya both modeling and animation. I want to improve my 3D modeling and design skills in other fields. My career goal is to work as a 3D artist in a game or film industry. For this class, I want to do some projects that are related to my interest.

  2. Brian Gonzalez.
    I chose this department because i am excited to learn about what the ways our everyday products are built and designed.
    Designing a toy.

  3. Hi, my name is Hozaifa Jameel and I chose this department because I like working with my hands, critical thinking and problem solving. My career goal is to ultimately become a mechanical engineer for any major airline company, such as Emirates or Etihad Airways. I think we should design cars that are more aerodynamic.

  4. Dear Professor Nakamura:

    My name is Runtao You. We met earlier this week, thank you for your helps. The main reason I choose this department is that many courses in this department are more hands on based and also use vary computer design programs. I like to refresh and learn more about computer design programs. My career goal is to be car component designer. So I am hoping the project we do in this class will be machine parts design related.

    Thank you,
    Runtao You

  5. 1. Hello my name is Corey O’Hara

    2. I choose to enter into the Industrial design department because I’ve always liked the aspect of design and I thought a creative career would be a great path.

    3/4. My career goal is to become a designer. I first started off with the idea of becoming an mechanical engineer hoping to work in the automotive industry as either a product engineer or a product designer, but as time went on I took more industrial design courses and learned about a whole other discipline of design which is furniture design, something I’ve also become interested in. All in all I would like to get some experience in each field so I can come to a proper decision.

  6. My name is Liza. I’m interested in bringing appropriate technology and sustainable practice to the consumer market by incorporating both in its design process. This curriculum is the first step to establishing a base education to industrial/product design. My ideal career would be in designing smart products that have longer adaptable life cycles. I have no specific project I will like to work on, but I’m currently interested in ergonomic design, whether in furniture or wearable technology.

  7. 1. Ryan Fleming.
    2. I want to be an engineer because I want to design something that i could later on build and create in real life.
    3. My main career goal after graduating would be to help the military create new vehicles, weapons, or technology to help make them more advanced.
    4. A project where we help improve our public transportation.

  8. My name is Kwame.
    I choose this department because the foundation of almost all the classes is math. Realistically everything revolves around math, all technological and scientific advances are based upon math. I like to see the world move forward, and it is indeed scientist who make basis for new inventions but it is up to the designers to bring it to reality, so that is why i choose this department, I want to go into designing new things but not only that also find new ways to make things possible because as engineers sometimes we come across certain matters that can stop us from making something possible but a good engineer will find a solution which should be made of the best material which brings us to good quality but as well as making sure the production of said object is the cheapest option available. My career goal is to contribute in the design of animal prosthetics. It being in the quality control or the design area of this field. For this class I would like to work on a project relating to something needed in the animal world.

  9. 1. My name is Xiao Lin.
    2.I choose this department because I like to drawing and I am interesting create thing.I want to be a designer to creating my own idea.
    3.My goal is have a job as designer on furniture or toy industry .
    4. I want to have a project to designer furniture or toy.

  10. 1. My name is Ginipal Singh.
    2. I chose mechanical engineering because I have always wanted to construct machines, since our society runs on technology now a days I think this is the best work field available right now.
    3. Right now my career goal is to graduate college and find a job as a mechanical engineer. Once I gain the experience I would like to start my own mechanical engineering company where we design and build parts.
    4. I’m not sure on what kind of project I would like to do in this class.

  11. 1. Ronald Wong.
    2. I chose this department because i wanted to learn how learn how things were made in the engineering field. I want to be an engineer because i want to develop my own ideas.
    3. my career goal is to be able to use the tools i learned to apply for work in the engineering field, either as a designer or as a developer.
    4. i don’t have any specific project in mind

  12. My name is Dennis Khomich.
    I want to be industrial design, because I like to project many new things, such as electronic devices, “cell phone, tablet,” buildings, transport etc. Before, I choose this department, I tried to project with AutoCAD program some buildings and draw on paper. After, my graduation of Industrial Design I want to continue my education in this department with Mechanical Engineer. I don’t know why I didn’t choose Mechanical Engineer first, later I’ve got to understand that Mechanical Engineer is more high than Industrial Design. Know, I think that is the best way to have education in these two majors. About my career goal and projects in class I don’t know yet.

  13. My name is Josue Bautista. I worked in a machine shop in high school which got me interested in engineering . I want to become an Engineer because I love making stuff. Coming up with ideas or improvements on existing inventions and then bringing it to life. One of my career goals is to work in a company where I could invent or improve on products. I don’t have any idea for a project but I would like something that involves everyday use.

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