Andrew J. Charles: Rapid Prototyping Tutorial

Body: I have decided to focus my topic on the idea of 3D Printing, the reason is that recently such an idea of making things based on designs and blueprints in impossible shapes in mere seconds to minutes are impressive. For the topics I have chosen they will be 3D Printing, 3D Scanner and Laser Cutting.

Topic 1: For topic 1 I have chosen to speak about is, 3D Printing what it explains about the process of creating and printing out the designs desired by the user. This video is an example to show how a 3D Printer works.

Topic 2: The topic I had in mind for this is about the 3D Scanner, the reason being that it can convert real life objects into 3D models that are scanned into the computer that can be used for computer program usage.

Topic 3: I wanted to choose something that is interesting in terms of rapid prototyping, this topic is about Laser Cutters. How they are used for manufacturing and the lines of cutting through hard materials which are used for creation.

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