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Kenny Chiu: CV Diagram

Kenny- CV Diagram - New Page

Within the diagram, a device such as a motion sensor can detect a person’s movement then record it in real time on to the computer. The computer can then generate special effect in accordance to the person’s movement and releases them on a projector therefore creating augmented reality that adapt and follows the person’s movement.

Lukasz Pypec – CV Diagram

Lukasz Pypec - CV Diagram - New Page

My CV Diagram is one where any regular camera can take a single picture of an object and then allow it to transfer into a computer.  There the computer analyzes the image and sends it to blender and working together with the program (or any other 3D molding program), the computer will create a 3D image of that picture from just the 2D image itself.

Sean: CV Diagram

Sean- CV Diagram

This diagram demonstrates a Computer Visual system that could be used to recognize and name objects or people. The system would find the user based on a motion or light sensor which would trigger an image to be captured. When the image is sent to the computer, a software would compare the users facial expression to a unique identification and permit access.