Glitch Art: Caryn Ramos

The Paradigm Shift of the cameras in photography or media has tremendously transformed.  It has changed from film to digital. Over the year digital cameras have taken over the photography world. They have emerged two types of photographers, old-school photographers whose opinion is that everything digital is fake, inferior, and not the same as ‘real’ photography. Then they  are the digital photographers, who think the film photographers are living in the dark ages. I like both film and digital photography because I feel like both photography comes with its advantages and I think that one should not discriminate against the other because like they alway say, “LIFE IS LIKE PHOTOGRAPHY, WE DEVELOP FROM THE NEGATIVES”.





2923211110_695682c767_o2923211110_695682c767_o-glitched-a55-s52-i34-q45 USSR antique camera (Old Camera which is rarely used in today’s society). The glitch shows what happens to an image when their is an error with the image. Its beautiful yet creative. 

 104404361_411952c291_odistorted-image 2 CANON camera (New Cameras used in today’s society). This glitch shows how the Canon camera comes with many features and the different design of cameras they CANON has created. I think its very creative and eye catchy. 


14088853116_d2f43b9c3d_oCamera GLitch     Nikon camera which is one of the most used cameras in today’s society. This glitch shows the resemblance of a nikon camera and the different use of tools within the camera. You can zoom in and out with this camera, if you zoom all the way in on an image that the photographer has taken, he or she might create an image as such as the glitch above. 

5283620199_7ed9fa535b_oglitched-image Polaroid Camera  – this glitch shows how this camera is an old time camera if you pay close attention to the glitches within the image. 



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