Caryn Ramos: Algorithm

Every morning the first thing I do is pray or I just say “Thank you Lord for waking me up.” I go straight into the restroom, I wash my face and brush my teeth. I turn on the shower to let it run so the water can get warmed up. I then proceed to take my shower. I always seem to take long in the shower even when I know I have to rush. It is like I get lost in my refreshing bath that I lose track of time.  I would like to invent something to control my losing track of time.

A device that would aid my morning routine would be some sort of beeper within the bathroom that beeps like an alarm whenever one has spent too much time in the shower. This device would have the feature where one can set it for a particular time to take their bath. I do not think that a device such as this has not been invented as yet and I feel that whether a person is working, attending school or just living life daily, he or she can use this.

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