Kenny Chiu: Algorithm

Everyday ,one of the routine that I have to do throughout the week, everyday or almost everyday is getting up and getting dress. Before getting dress I usually take account to the weather and make the appropriate choice in clothing. Sometimes I would forget to get an under shirt and end up freezing during cold days or I over dress during a warm day and ended up walking out and sweating a lot. Sometimes I would forget about checking the weather entirely.

I would love to be able to invent something that act as a thermometer and at the same time something similar to a automated closet of sort which can provide the clothing appropriate for that weather and day. it would just sense the weather outside and display it like a weather apps on the phone then the closet would display the type of clothing appropriate and shows it to you through material type, density and weight. It could select a group of outfit for that weather and from there you can obtain your outfit of the day and there’s no need of checking weather everyday then digging out your closet for the right jacket.

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