Video Project: Me and my friends at the Rolling Loud Festival

In this video i put together a clip and a picture of some Friends of mine at the rolling loud musical festival. Ive been to other concerts before but never something this huge. It was great experience for me because of the amount of people at the event and i saw so many old friends i haven’t seen since high school or middle school. It was Rolling Loud’s first time in New York so i guess it grabbed the attention of a lot of people. During some performances i lost the friends i came there with but made new ones through the dance circles and moshpits.


Welcome to my ePortfolio! My name is Isaiah  and I am currently a Communication design major at City Tech.

I was born and raised in Brooklyn and have lived in the same house my whole life. A lot of my family  lived in the same building as me so there has been a constant support  system in my life.  My love for game design came from my uncles and older cousins. They introduced me to video games at a very early age.  They would teach me about consoles that came out before I was born and we would spend hours talking about  any new console that was announced.

Going to City tech and taking the communication design course is really helping me to get better at using editing programs and is getting me closer to becoming a game designer. Learning how to edit videos and photos has also been another thing that I didn’t  know I would be interested in but I really enjoy learning it.


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