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Week 4 Reading

Do you currently have any pets? Did you have any during your childhood?

I currently have two pets named Thomas, a two-year-old guinea pig, and Grislly, a four-year-old Japanese dog (Shiba Inu). I adore both of them but personally I take care of Thomas.

Do you have any memories that stick out about these pets?

I received it for Thomas as a birthday present as I always wanted it as a child but couldn’t have it.

What does your pet mean to you?

Thomas means for me a lot of peace and joy to me because he transmits tenderness, he is very soft and lovely what I like about him is that when I go to pet him, he purrs. He is happy, funny and playful, his worst nightmare is bath time because he bites me. I think one way to capture Thomas would be when he’s sleeping or just lying on his ramp because he’s calm, and I know he won’t get upset.

Week 4 Reading

I don’t have a pet at the moment and as much as I would love to, I can’t for a number of reasons. One reason is that I can’t have a pet where I live now.

When I was a child, I had pets, cats, pet fish, turtles. My dad brought them home. He loves pet fish and has a beautiful bathtub to keep them in. I also love the pets my father brings back, especially the cats. The cat came home very small, I see their small one is really cute. And these pets also added a lot of happiness to my childhood. I remember when I was a child, I named kittens after their color, and white cats were called White. Pets are companionship to me; they are fond memories of my childhood.

Week 4: Pet Portrait Reading

  1. Do you currently have any pets?
  2. Did you have any during your childhood?
  3. Do you have any memories that stick out about these pets? What does your pet mean to you?

1. Right now I have 2 cats and 1 dog that me and my family own together as our companions we cherish a lot and proud of.

2. Through my Childhood, we use to own one cat and a fish, my dad wasn’t sure about having a Dog in the Apartment first because my Parents were really busy with work back then and couldn’t have time to walk with them. A cat and a Fish is much cheaper than a Dog back then with their food, healthcare, activity toys, and But now that since we live in a house and work, my siblings, my brother in law and I can afford all the care and food for our beloved cats and our only dog we have.

3. As a child, i didn’t have as much memory of my goldfish but my first cat, Gatito did bonded with my siblings, but not as much as he bonded with my older brother the most. But the moment when we got our first mixed breed Dog, Muchacho. Our cat disliked him as he’s slightly bigger, cautious that he might hurt or replace him, but Muchacho was a Puppy and wanted to be close to him, not enemies. It took a while to get use to these two connected to each other and trust each other and they are pretty chill with each other as brothers. After when Gatito passed away on July 2016 because of Cancer he had, My older brother felt very depressed after losing one of his closest companion he bonded with the most. Muchacho went upstairs to comfort my older brother as he also missed our first cat. My sister and I decided to take my older brother at the animal shelter in Manhattan to give him a chance to adopt a new member to be part of our family, also a mice problem we would have in the kitchen, and that’s Bambino, a tabby pattern like kitten but gray colors. Bambino has the same trust issues like when he first saw Muchacho being a large breed Dog he is, we taught them to respect their boundaries and greeting them slowly, and now they are like brothers who likes to tease each other a lot.

4. Pets are like your closest companions and family members. They love you and trust you more than anyone else does when you give them honesty and care for them. It’s sad that they won’t live longer as you do, but they will always be there with you.

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