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Final Project: Film Poster

The movie that I choose for my final project is “The Karate Kid(2010)”

The film was remade from the 1984 Hollywood film “The Karate Kid(1984)”, but moved the whole story to China. The film is about a bullied child, Parker, who follows Mr. Han (Jackie Chan), a repairman, to learn martial arts(Kong Fu) and beat his opponent to win the championship in a martial arts competition.

In the film, after Parker and Mr. Han dispelled their misunderstanding and inner confusion, Mr. Han finally decides to teach Parker Kung Fu. The gestures of the poster are from the movies. The stick made of bamboo by Mr. Han is tied with a rope at both ends. The rope will be tied to Parker’s wrist. It is used to teach and correct Parker’s kung fu practice. So I try to use bamboo to draw the name of the film. In the levels of karate, the black belt is the highest level, which is why I use black color to represent the silhouette of the teacher, Mr. Han. The figure behind the film’s name is the move Parker used in the competition.

Melisa Wu Lin’s final project poster: The Karate kid (2010)
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