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Final Project: Final Poster

For my film poster, I decided to go for the Dark Knight (2008) directed by Christopher Nolan. I wanted my poster to be somewhat engulfed by the silhouette of Batman himself so that I could fill my lettering to cover it. All lettering that’s seen here was sketched then vectorized by me, besides the subtitle which I used the font Copperplate for. I wanted to try something different from all the batman posters out there, even though it’s a flat illustration. I wanted to try and give it a gritty texture, but none of the ones that I’ve used really worked well for my vision.

Final Project – Part 2

For my color study concepts, I wanted to try and use a limited color palette simply because of the style and feel I’m going for. For the first image, I wanted to do only black and white, with a little gray in it to give it more of a feel. Since the movie is centered around darkness and evil, I wanted to invoke that feeling. I also wanted to try different positions for these concepts. For the first one, I wanted to have Batman walking away.

For the second color study I wanted to try and use some color with some highlights (work in progress) as well. For his cape, I wanted to take up the bottom half of the poster instead of having different cuts throughout his cape. For this concept, I wanted Batman’s position facing towards you in sort of a revealing manner. Certain elements and the detail of his suit would slowly appear in the light.

For the text, I wanted to create my own type, but since that takes some time, I placed a placeholder to see how it should look and what areas I may need to improve on. I also want to try and test out some textures to give the poster this sort of worn out and dirty aesthetic.

Final Project – Part 1

The Dark Knight (2008)

The movie I decided to choose is called the Dark Knight which came out in 2008. It was directed by Christopher Nolan and went over to generate one billion dollars at the box office. The movie takes place in the crime-fueled Gotham City and follows a young Bruce Wayne who steps up to become its protector. He becomes the Dark Knight, a.k.a Batman and has to stop one of his long time foes, the Joker.

The poster I chose works well because it encapsulates the theme of the movie which revolves around darkness. Only a few colors were selected, which helps makes this poster successful. The audience meant for this film are people who love comics and the character Batman, but also meant for people who like the dark aspect of superheroes.

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