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Week 4 reading

Do you currently have any pets? Did you have any during your childhood? Do you have any memories that stick out about these pets? What does your pet mean to you?

I currently have 4 pets( 3 dogs and 1 hamster). I had a lot of pets in my childhood. One memory of i have of my hamster is when she went to the vet and jumped into the trash can. A memory of 2 of my dogs is when we had to raise them from puppies cause their siblings and mom died of poisoning. My pets are like family and i wouldn’t trade them for the world.

Reading 1

Question: How do you typically use your sketchbook? What do you prefer to draw? What do you want to use your sketchbook for moving forward? Color studies? Inking? Technical drawings? Life drawing? Experimentation?

I don’t usually use a textbook because I prefer digital tablets like my ipad and apple pencil. With a tablet there’s more variety and it doesn’t feel as if you’re trapped in a box. I prefer to draw different ideas that will always pop up in my head but I mostly end up doing things with scenery. In the future with the sketchbooks I have, I’d probably use it for experimenting or just regular sketching with ideas whenever i don’t have my tablet. 

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