It is Halloween! It is Halloween!
Halloween is almost here. Do you like monsters? Ghouls, goblins, or ghosts?

Halloween promotion piece by Professor Schoenbrun

Based on our warm-up exercise you will be filling 3 pages in your sketchbook with Fall and Halloween-themed drawings. Here are some ideas. Try some color, collage, or ink!

  • Draw some creatures, monsters, or mythical beasts. They could be scary, terrifying, or cute.
  • Halloween character designs.
  • Draw some kids in costumes.
  • Design a Halloween costume you would wear as an adult or kid.
  • Fill a page with some spooky lettering.
  • Draw a haunted house, kids trick or treating, or an outside scene of a house decorated.
  • Draw a trick or draw a treat.
  • Draw a spooky dream.

(Make sure to watch The Nightmare Before Christmas sometime soon if you haven’t seen it yet. The character designs are very quirky and fun. It’s a stop-motion masterpiece by the artist Tim Burton. This was filmed in 1993. )