Bradford Roberts

This article matters to American people/voters and all citizens whom follow politics. What I find interesting is though I often disagree with Trump and his actions, I do believe the article poses a valid point: That Americans do deserve to hear from trump regarding the pivotal moment (including the attempting to subvert the 2020 Presidential Election and inciting the Mob that attacked the capitol). He may fight the subpoena, however the evidence seems to surely be working against him. But through freedom of speech it is his right to address the circumstances if necessary and its understanding that his supporters would want to hear from him regarding it, especially as some supporters are now experiencing the repercussions of their actions.

My thought is that if he waits too long, regardless of whether his words help or hurt his case – it may come from behind a non-contact or telephone visitation room in prison instead of a public forum. So I’ve brainstormed ideas that may depict that image using a portrait image of Trump with the phone to his ear, and to represent the supporters anticipating his speech – I thought it was be interesting to use the reflection of the glass divider to show his supporters. The reflection may give me creative flexibility to possibly place some metaphoric imagery.