Do you currently have any pets? Did you have any during your childhood? Do you have any memories that stick out about these pets? What does your pet mean to you?

I don’t have any pets now but back home in my country I grew up with lots of animals like cats, mouse, dogs, bunnies. They weren’t personally mine, our neighbors were very close with us and those animals just wandered in our area.

We had this bengal cat with black stripes. Although cats are their own ruler and are considered “mean” “arrogant”, she was the most beautiful and nicest cat I have ever come across. She would go to different houses and we would give her milk. There are two funny and sweetest memory I have, during winter my mom took out a very warm blanket and laid it in kitchen. Next day, we saw that she had given birth to bunch of kittens. Although she had bunch of houses to go to, she chose ours and felt safe to give birth. Other one is, when I was sleeping and snuggling to my blanket, I felt someone sleeping next to me and assumed it was my little brother but when I heard a “meow” it startled me and when I checked inside blanket, it was that cat. It came and surprised me out of no where but we slept snuggling with each other.