For my sketches, I wanted to incorporate different styles of art and sort of experiment with them. For my first photo, it was with me looking down with my hoodie on while holding a broomstick. I started to think how I can sketch something intriguing for this image. I decided to draw the grim reaper with his scythe and tried to give him a more menacing look.

For my second photo, I was peeking around the corner of my room. I wanted to draw something that can represent any upcoming holidays this year, so I went with Christmas. I decided to draw Santa sneaking around a house while laying down presents. I wanted this style to feel more cartoony and goofy. I enjoyed doing something like this, although it took me a while to get it where I wanted.

For my last photo, it was me holding the broomstick like it was a gun. For this sketch, I wanted to try and experiment with both a line and contour drawing. I drew up a sketch of a guy laying off shots with a gun while at a gun range. Practicing with these different styles can help improve my skillsets within different ranges.